Focus: To carry out the 5 Point Programmatic

Thrusts of the Sorority.

Linda Hargrow and Mylisa Himmons, Co-Chairs

Focus: To provide comfort to chapter sorors.
Karen Kelly, Chair


Risk Management

Policies and Procedures


Focus: To raise cultural awareness through the arts.

Meesha Harris & Melissa Lawson, Co-Chairs

Focus: to maintain the safety and well being of participants in the chapter's youth initiatives.
Anesha Johnson, Chair

Membership Services



Focus: To organize activities / events celebrating

the 25th Anniversary.
Valerie Cook Henry, Chair

Focus: To maintain and reclaim sorors.

Yolanda Hughes, Chair

Standing Committees


Focus: To promote and recognize academic achievement.
Juanita Munn, Chair

Ritual and Ceremonies

Focus: To foster fellowship and cooperation with the other local member organizations on the council.

Kimbria Thomas, Chair

Chester Inter-Greek Council

Chaplains COuncil

Focus: To tell the Chester Alumnae story.
Shavon Jordan, Chair

Focus: To raise funds to support our chapter programs and scholarship program.
Cheri Hawkins & Jacqueline Edmond, Co-Chairs

Focus: To seek new chapter leaders.

Patricia Thomas, Chair

Members: Danielle Parks, Lori Staples, Andrea Harris

Focus: To provide Spiritual Support to all members.

Angela Sammons, Robin Whaley & Chekemma Fulmore Townsend

Focus: To pursue and promote technological advances.
Doreen Storey, Chair

Social Action

Arts and Letters

CAC 25th Anniversary

Focus: To gather, store, and preserve all historical content of the chapter.
Leslie Moat Footman, Chair

Focus: Advocacy for social change and public policy.

Desaree Jones & Ayana Boswell, Co-Chairs

Heritage And Archives

Focus: To review and propose internal financial control.

Sirena Banister & ​Corrin Smith Butler, Co-Chairs

Public Relations


Focus: To preserve the beauty and tradition

of each Delta ceremony.
Jia Howard​, Chair

Focus: To maintain the internal policies and procedures.
Janis Thomas, Chair

Program Planning and Development

Chester Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta in Delaware County.
Chester Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta in Delaware County.